The main aims of the Institute are:

  • To conduct research and data analysis on the main issues related to the economic development of the Balkan countries and the relations between them.
  • To foster innovation and entrepreneurship through the collaboration of various bodies (municipalities, state-run and public organisations, private organisations, educational institutes, clusters, cooperatives) to educate, train and support interested parties - especially young people in all levels of educations - with the aim of promoting their professional development.
  • To develop social economy and foster collaboration between Balkan countries on these issues.
  • To promote cooperation, as well as exchange of knowledge and experience between the Higher Education Establishments of the Balkan countries.
  • To submit proposals and implement of projects of cooperation between Balkan countries.
  • To initiate and keep enriching public discussion and dialogue, in regular intervals, using feedback, between business, and academic and political circles of the Balkans with the aim of promoting and disseminating information to the public,  on contemporary economic issues related to development, innovation and entrepreneurship in the territory of the Balkans.

All the above are expressed through the acceptance of the culture and civilisation of the people of the Balkan Peninsula, the efforts for economic development and cooperation of whom should be taken into consideration. In addition to the above, BIE aims at promoting culture, art and literature, in a variety of ways.