The BALKAN INSTITUTE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP "BALKIEN NGO" is a public benefit, non-profit, legal entity governed by private Law. It was founded in 2016, with seat in Kalamata, Greece, and has support structures in Sofia, Bucharest and Belgrade.

BALKIEN firmly believes that development of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as economic development in general, is enhanced by acceptance of differences and equality between the neighbouring Balkan countries. All the above are expressed through the acceptance of the culture and civilisation of the people of the Balkan Peninsula, the efforts for economic development and cooperation of whom should be taken into consideration. In addition to the above, BIE aims at promoting culture, art and literature, in a variety of ways.

The actions implemented by BIE will be funded by donations and sponsorship, as well as by national and E.U. funds. BIE develops and applies the SROI (Social Return on Investment) methodology to measure the social return of the actions financed.